The International Society of Typographic Designers 2017 Maker brief by G.F Smith was to celebrate the lifes work of a crafts person. Hurley making is a current craft that is thriving in todays society especially in Ireland. I researched the most renowned hurley maker in my area and it happend to be Aidan Falconer. Through thorough research and word of mouth I had heard he is the most passionate and proud of his craft, hurley making. The strategy is to tell the story of hurley maker Aidan Falconer in an exciting modern way. The approach on the book’s style is contemporary, passionate and authentic. The book has elements about hurling as a sport and why the craft of hurling making is so essential. The book combines the sport, the craft and Aidans personal life into one, to create a jux of pace from a delicate craft on one page, to the next a ruthless hurling game.