at Creative Spark Manchester creativespark.co.uk
Lead Designer: James O'Connell Project Manager: Neil O'Marra Copy Writer: Alastair Dickie  Junior Designer: Gemma Aylward

I was present during the start to finish of the Zenly rebrand, it was an amazing learning experience for me and it's a project I am still proud of today. Zenly were well known for mainly stationary but they wanted their brand to show the did office furniture fit outs and supplies. Alaistair came up with the copy "A to Z" and Zenly BEYOND office supplies. We felt the green and the square shape did not need to be changed. To ensure the client understood why we haven't changed the look completely, I made a research presentation of branding that was subtly change but made a substantial difference to the company. Print collatoral, Van wraps and teaser videos were created for this campaign. All work created during my time at Creative Spark Manchester with the team there.